Saturday, September 19, 2009

You don't use OFFICE?!?!?!? Part Two

I've not had Microsoft Office on my Mac since roughly December 2007.  And I don't miss it.

It's available for the Mac, of course.  Office 2008 has been out for over a year, and Office 2004 before that.  For most of my work, I use Open Office.  Free at Open Office.  Available for Mac, Windows or PC, it fully replaces Word and Excel and allows you to create, share, maintain, edit and distribute files fully interoperable with all versions of Microsoft Office.  Skeptical?  Straight from the site:

"Amazingly, 3 comes without any license fees, or any worrying small print. You can install it on as many computers as you like, use it for any purpose, and even give copies away for employees to use at home. No more threats of heavy-handed software audits disturbing your business."

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