Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Weather Forecast on your iPhone or iCal Calendar

Easy tip.  (Modified 12/3/09 to note that this only works for iPhone users with Mac iCal.  If someone wants to write the equivalent tip for Outlook users, I'll post it or link to it... TMC)

1.  Go to (Weather Underground).

2.  Enter a Zip Code, City, State, Airport Code or Country for weather information.

3.  You'll see the current weather, plus an important "iCal" icon.

4.  Right click on the iCal icon and "Copy Link"

5.  In iCal, select "Calendar", "Subscribe" from the menu

6.  Paste (Command V) in the dialog box and "Subscribe"

7.  Make any changes you'd like to the default settings, be sure to set "Auto-Refresh" to at every day if not every hour, click "OK".  You can also rename the calendar.

That's it!  You'll notice a weather forecast on each day's calendar, one week in the future.  If you're using MobileMe, this calendar will also be synched to your iPhone wirelessly, or it will be synched by iTunes the next time you connect your iPhone.

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