Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have A Backup Plan

It can happen.  Anything from "Oops, I deleted the wrong file and emptied the trash" to "My laptop was right there while I was talking to the ticket agent" to "Wow, my hard drive really sounds bad".  We make mistakes, we lose things, theft happens, and spinning hard drives can fail.

What's your backup plan?

Mine is simple.  My Mac's are all backed up with Apple's included Time Machine backup software to an external firewire hard drive.  This occurs hourly, with no user intervention.  Restores are easy with Time Machine.

Each year over Thanksgiving weekend, I buy an additional drive and backup my Macs to it.  This drive is stored in my bank safety deposit box, just in case.

Learn About Time Machine (Video)

Buy A Time Capsule (Amazon)

Buy A Terabyte Firewire Drive (Amazon)

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