Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Verizon Intentionally Misleads To Counter Lack of iPhone

So you're running a big cellular communications company.  And you had a chance at the iPhone, but turned it down when Apple wouldn't agree to your crippleware, Vcast, and other anti-customer "enhancements".  You've had your lunch eaten by that same phone, and your latest "iPhone Killer" is turning out to be, well, a bomb ("But the ad campaign promoting the phone would be laughably awful -- if it weren't so disturbing.").  

Now what?  Well, you could go back to the drawing board.  Or you could just start lying.

"By only comparing the newest segment of AT&T's network, Verizon can advertise "3G maps" that are technically accurate, but grossly misleading to users who want to obtain data service to download email and access the web."  - AppleInsider, November 10 2009 

" ...Verizon can only advertise that the iPhone on AT&T doesn't really have enough usable service coverage, despite the fact that iPhone users consume around half of the country's mobile data bandwidth. In the meantime, observers point out that its "there's a map for that" ads really only serve to advertise the iPhone App Store, a subject Verizon should probably just ignore."  - AppleInsider, November 10 2009 


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