Tuesday, March 16, 2010

InfoWorld on Android Multi-Touch In

InfoWorld posted this article (link) explaining that Android developers should NOT use the multi-touch capabilities of the Android operating system in their projects.

They cite developer complains about the rawness of the feature in Android 2.0, and the lack of support in prior versions of Android OS.

Nice description of the trees, but they miss the forest.

InfoWorld is correct to state that multi-touch will likely be fixed in a near-future release of Android OS.  But that won't cause developers to use it, when they know that every day users purchase new Android phones, and that those phones could be limited to a release without multi-touch, a release with buggy multi-touch, and a release with functional multi-touch.  Faced with this population, developers will just avoid multi-touch on Android.

Google of course hopes developers won't avoid Android altogether...

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