Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wah, Adobe... Get Over It, Flash Won't Be Mourned

Apple is assisting with the mercy-killing of Flash, that format best known for time-consuming self-indulgent introductions to websites and games just slightly more entertaining than tic-tac-toe.

Apple is promoting instead STANDARDS for video and other rich content, such as HTML5.  And Apple is going to great lengths to protect mobile users from Flash's well-known downsides... crashing, unnecessary battery consumption, and performance hits.

If you're Adobe, you could fix Flash, or abandon Flash and transition to standards.  The first would cost money, the second would loosen your lock on lower-tier developers, the most loyal Flash base.

Instead, Adobe attempts to paint itself as a victim.  Daniel Eran Dilger points out Five Tremendous Apple vs. Adobe Flash Myths


To hear from the tech media people who feed from the Adobe propaganda machine like ducks being force fed for foie gras, you’d think Adobe has had a real mobile strategy all this time and Apple has just been playing the role of a conniving obstructionist.
The truth is that it’s Adobe’s fault there’s no Flash on the majority of mobiles, because the company was completely happy just misleading the world of pundits while talking instead of doing. Well it’s not 2007 anymore, it’s 2010, and that’s three years of work that everyone else has put into HTML5.

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