Friday, April 02, 2010

T Minus 26 Hours - iPad

Tomorrow is iPad day.

I predict that the iPad's success will dwarf that of the iPhone.

I predict that we will look back in a year at AAPL $236 the way we look back at $.90 high test.

I predict you will own one within one year.

Daniel Eran Dilger explains that the iPad will kill, among other things, DVDs, Netbooks, the PSP/DS, Android, and Flash.  Oh, and he also makes some controversial predictions.

"Apple will kill Microsoft Office... ... Apple has beat Microsoft to market again, before its rival even realized it was in trouble of losing anything. Microsoft’s comical Pocket and Mobile versions of Office are embarrassing, and the company hasn’t demonstrated any ability to copy the iPhone or the iPod touch successfully, so what hope is there for a Microsoft tablet or a mobile-savvy port of its currently very PC-centric Office suite? Microsoft doesn’t even have any financial motivation to port Office to the iPad, given the$10 per app threshold Apple set. Dead."
Read more at Roughly Drafted

Walter S. Mossberg says it can run 12 hours on a charge and replace most laptops.

"I found email easy and productive to use, and had no trouble typing accurately and quickly on the iPad's wide on-screen keyboard. In fact, I found the iPad virtual keyboard more comfortable and accurate to use than the cramped keyboards and touchpads on many netbooks, though some fast touch typists might disagree."
Read more at Wall Street Journal

Watch this space tomorrow morning for live blogging from the iPad launch line at the Apple Store, Green Hills Mall, Nashville Tennessee.

It took the iPod 17 quarters to reach 30 million units. The iPhone did it in 10.
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