Friday, September 24, 2010

Google Voice now widely available.

By now, I hope you have a Google Voice number.  Google had first limited the service to former GrandCentral subscribers, then select Gmail users, then users with .edu email addresses.  Until recently, Google Apps for Domains users didn't have access to Google Voice, but all Google accounts are now eligible.

American Express Open comments: "When you register you can choose a virtual phone number in any area code. You can use that number to send and receive text messages, record voicemails and even receive and make calls over the Internet, but it becomes particularly useful when you attach it to the number associated with your mobile or landline phone.  (full text here)"

You can configure Google Voice as a standalone independent of a phone, or use it as a replacement voicemail solution with most providers.  I'm using it to replace visual voicemail on my iPhone, to function as a "home number" without a landline, and to route calls specific to blogging and web activity.

You can call me at 330-CASH-GAP.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Wired on ABC's Sound Synching iPad App "Nothing Short of Genius"

Wired points out that ABC's launch of the technology to support their show "My Generation" simply relies upon the iPad's internal microphone to sample the TV audio and keep the iPad content synched to the show.

Though television companion apps exist for the iPad, this automatic syncing feature represents a big step forward. And while ABC is only rolling this out for a single program, it’s such a clever, obvious-in-retrospect idea — not to mention far easier than writing digital code to keep the devices synced wirelessly even if the user watches at someone else’s house or later, using on-demand or a DVR — that it could easily become widespread across many shows.

So whether you are watching it live, DVR'ed, or over a few interrupted sessions, you'll always experience the iPad and TV content synched as ABC intended.

Expect to see much more content delivered this way.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Eager to see Ad Mob's next report

AdMob Mobile Metrics report the usage of various smartphone operating systems, allowing market share inferences.

I hadn't noticed one thing from the May report until recently... iOS numbers are understated by excluding iPod Touch and iPad!

Take a look, and full report here:

Microsoft Holds Mock iPhone and BlackBerry Funeral

Microsoft is apparently very confident in their new Windows 7 Phone. They decided to take mockery a little far by holding funerals for the iPhone and all BlackBerry devices on their Redmond campus yesterday. How long until they regret this?

The phone is set to be revealed at an New York event on October 11th.

University's Reverse the Intent of Rent Control

Very clever.  Rent control, a misguided attempt to allocate resources by bureaucracy rather than markets, always results in distortions.  But universities have found a way to purchase rent controlled property at below market rates and earn above market rents, thwarting the intent of the bureaucrats intent on distorting the market for the property.

Greg Mankiw, hat tip to Luke Froeb

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