Friday, September 24, 2010

Google Voice now widely available.

By now, I hope you have a Google Voice number.  Google had first limited the service to former GrandCentral subscribers, then select Gmail users, then users with .edu email addresses.  Until recently, Google Apps for Domains users didn't have access to Google Voice, but all Google accounts are now eligible.

American Express Open comments: "When you register you can choose a virtual phone number in any area code. You can use that number to send and receive text messages, record voicemails and even receive and make calls over the Internet, but it becomes particularly useful when you attach it to the number associated with your mobile or landline phone.  (full text here)"

You can configure Google Voice as a standalone independent of a phone, or use it as a replacement voicemail solution with most providers.  I'm using it to replace visual voicemail on my iPhone, to function as a "home number" without a landline, and to route calls specific to blogging and web activity.

You can call me at 330-CASH-GAP.

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