Sunday, December 22, 2013

Three Reasons You Should Ignore This Post

Why should you ignore this test post?  Let's examine three great reasons.

1 - It's a test post. 
Woman ignoring this post.
This post contains nothing of value, and you'll learn nothing by reading it.  If I were more familiar with Blogger, you wouldn't even see it.  But I have to figure out how to create these posts, how to permalink them, and how to cross post them to facebook and Twitter.

2 - It's Not Political

I'm Sam Shallenberger and I Approved This Message
This post is not about #PPACA, the minimum wage, sequester, or gerrymandering.  It's just a post to test out the platform.

3 - There Are No Glocks In This Post
Ha! He's wrong, there's a Glock!  Isn't it?  No?  I thought all black pistols were Glocks?  No?
There are no #Glocks in this post.  There are no Glock facts.  No Glock tips.  No Glock how-to's.  No Glock content at all.

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